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Moraga CA Replacement Windows

As experts, our team at Tri-Valley Windows is here to offer a bit of advice to our Moraga neighbors who may be interested in window replacement. Even if you don’t hire us, we want to make sure you what you’re doing before you start the window replacement process. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful list of information on everything you should know about window replacement before you get started.

Is it time to repair or replace your windows?

It can be tough to tell if a home’s windows need replacement or if they can get by with a few repairs. Repairs can save homeowners quite a bit of money so it’s often tempting to go in that direction. To decide, first inspect the window frames.

If you see multiple serious cracks or any signs of rotting, it’s probably a good idea to consider a full window replacement, even if only on that specific window. Cracks can lead to leaks, drafts, wasted heating costs and all kind of nasty and annoying consequences. Rotting wood is pretty scary because it could be a sign of an already existing leak, and one that’s been around for a while at that. Rotting wood is a big problem to more of your house than just your windows though. If water has managed to seep into the walls of a home, there could be a whole mess of rotting, leaking, molding damage buried under it all. If you do have a lot of rotting wood, you should consider a closer examination into the walls of your home surrounding the windows.

If you do suspect it’s time for a window replacement, nine times out of 10 we suggest doing a full-blown replacement all over your lovely, Moraga home. Unless you’ve had your windows recently replaced and one or two damaged windows happen to be a fluke, you’ll likely need to replace all of the windows, even bit by bit, within the next few years. Because the cost per individual window is much lower when the whole home is done at once, it is actually the most cost effective to do a full home window replacement job.

Another sign that it may be time to replace your windows is if you haven’t for the past 15 years. Even older homes, which are generally made with a higher quality wood than many newer homes’ window frames, still should be at least checked for window replacement every 15 years.

Which window brand are you interested in?

Tri-Valley Windows works with a whole list of qualified window companies. We work with Cascade Windows, a company known for their energy efficient materials, Hunter Douglas, often praised for their custom designs, Milgard Windows, applauded for their wide design selection, Amerimax, known for their high quality, and Simonton, known for their beautiful designs.

What kind of frames would you like?

When it comes to frames, you have a few options. The classic approach is to go with wooden frames, which is why you see wood frames in most older homes in Moraga. Wood frames are often beautiful and fairly good insulators, but they also require a certain amount of upkeep over the years. They’re more prone to weather damage than their competitor materials as well.

Aluminum is another option. Metal frames are known for their strength, but are also fairly poor insulators, taking away from the energy efficiency of a window. The benefit of going metal, over wood, is that aluminum window frames require virtually no up keep at all.

The final choice, when it comes to frame material options, is vinyl. In recent years, vinyl has become the most popular choice for most window replacements. Vinyl offers a relative amount of strength and very high insulation quality, making even non-energy efficient windows more energy efficient. Also, unlike wood frames, vinyl ones require very little effort to keep up. For most homeowners in Moraga, vinyl is a very good way to go.

Are you interested in going energy efficient?

Just because you opt for a strong insulator material like vinyl for your window frames doesn’t mean that your windows are technically energy efficient. True energy efficient windows meet a minimum of efficiency and are stamped with the government’s ENERGY STAR label. These windows are made with a special type of glass that keep homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Some are even made with a special layer of insulating argon gas between two panes of glass. The layer of gas functions as extra insulation directly within the window. This means you’ll be forced to use less energy to heat and cool your home, saving money on energy bills. A window replacement in which full energy efficient windows are installed could save a homeowner up to 15 percent on each of their monthly bills. Think of how quickly those savings will add up.

Are you ready?

If the answer is yes, so are we! Tri-Valley Windows has been in the window replacement business for over 25 years. We’ve had the pleasure of installing and replacing over 70,000 windows. We’ve taken our experience in the industry and made the most of it by perfecting our entire system and approach to window replacement.

We’re a family owned business that is 100 percent local. We like to think of ourselves as your neighbors and do our best to treat your home with the uttermost respect. We do not hire outside contractors so we know each and every crewmember who will work on your home, if you decide to hire us. We pride ourselves on our high quality of work and our sense of local community.

If you’re curious about how much a window replacement job in Moraga will cost, we’re here to help with that too. While we’d love to work with you, even if you decide against it, we’d still like to give you an estimate. We’re happy to offer an obligation free estimate on your window replacement to our friendly neighbors in Moraga. Contact us today to get started.